Climate Respiration Chambers

Carus contains ten climate respiration chambers ranging in size from 0.3 to nearly 100 m3. This unique facility can be used for research on energy metabolism (indirect calorimetry), nutrition and digestion, gas emission (CO2, 13CO2, NH3, CH4, etc.) and climate change for both individually and group housed animals for numerous species (cow, pig, goat, sheep, horse, chicken). The four most recently built chambers have a surface of ​​nearly 50 m2 each and are highly flexible through movable airtight wall parts, which enable each chamber to be compartmentalized into several airtight spaces. Incoming and outgoing air flows can be accurately analysed for various gases as well as ventilation volume, and measurements meet a high traceable standard. This high level of flexibility and accuracy allows researchers to meet the challenges of contemporary research.

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An example of a study conducted at CRC is Low-emission animal feed project.