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WIAS magazine is published quarterly online and submission are open year-round. We welcome submissions of WIAS PhD’s and Postdocs in 4 categories: Research overview, Research highlight, Research light, Student lifestyle. The online WIAS magazine supports written articles, as well as video material. You can read more in our author guide

Submission to WIAS magazine proceeds via: Always include your supervisor in the CC of your mail, independently of whether his/her name is included in the article.

Researh overview

This article type is suitable as a first contribution to WIAS magazine (likely 1st or 2nd year PhDs and starting Post-Docs).

Research highlight

This article type is suitable to highlight results after you have already published them (likely for 3rd or 4th year PhDs and Post-Docs).

Research light

This submission type is shorter and written for a broader audience than the two aforementioned submission types. In this section you can submit content created during the WIAS course: Societal Impact of your Research or equivalent.

Student lifestyle

This submission type contains a variety of topics. WIAS magazine aims to strengthen the community of WIAS PhDs & Post-Docs. This section is the platform to share non-research-related information. For instance, share your favorite recipe to recharge after work. What is the most PhD proof pet. Tell us how you survive in Wageningen or what is the highlight of your PhD/Post-Doc lifestyle. When in doubt about a topic, inquire at:

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