Extension residence permit

Are you employed by Wageningen University & Research or did you bring your family to the Netherlands? Then contact the website of the Expat Centre Food Valley to arrange the extension of your residence permit.

Are you a scholarship PhD candidate and are you in the Netherlands without a family? Then read the information below to extend your visa and residence permit.

When to apply for an extension of a residence permit?

The PhD office can extend your residence permit if a complete submission is sent to the PhD office at the latest 6 weeks before the current redisent permit ends.


    The costs for extension of the residence permit are € 192,-. These costs will be passed on to the chair group.

    How to apply

    Send all documents stated below in one email to the PhD office via PhD.services@wur.nl.

    After the positive decision from the IND, you receive an invitation to collect the new residence permit.

    Requested documents:

    (NOTE: all documents that must be signed by the PhD candidate must be checked for the right signature. The signature must be the same as on the passport)

    1. The forms antecedents certificate, permission to use personal details, residence permit requirements and information form filled in by the candidate;
    2. The form extra information filled in by the contact person from the chair group;
    3. A clear scan of the passport (personal details and stamped pages). The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months and include at least two blank pages, it must also be signed;
    4. Proof of sufficient finances for the requested period of residence, € 1286,-:

      • The form Income Statement, filled in by the candidate;
      • One of the following options:

        1. scholarship letter (specified the living allowances) or;
        2. When the PhD candidate finances the stay him-/herself: an account statement with an amount of € 1286 x the number of months of stay on the account;
        3. When the PhD candidate receives the grant through the ‘kassiersfunctie’ we would like to receive the letter of agreement and the grant award letter + in the invitation letter must be a reference to the grant that WUR receives as a source of income for the PhD candidate.
    5. Copy of the front and back of the current residence permit pass;
    6. An invitation letter in PDF format, signed by the promotor;
    7. The signed form: Guest agreement.

      Overview of forms needed


    If you have any questions, please contact the PhD Office via PhD.services@wur.nl.