WUR - Winter Break - Activity Program - 20 December 2021 - 1 Janaury 2022

Winter Break - Group Activities

Do you want to join the WUR Winter Break Group Activities? Please find the program below. If you would like to take part in the Open Activities as well, be sure to sign up individually.
Registration for group activities is closed. You can still sign up for open activities.

Agenda Group Activities

Unfortunately the new coronameasures and subsequent lockdown have resulted in activities being adjusted or cancelled. You are currently allowed to receive 2 guests at your home, with the exeption of 25 and 26 December when 4 guests are allowed.
Check the current measures on this site or on 

20 Dec. - Meet your Group
Get together in the Global Lounge, meet the other students in your group, come up with an original group name, and pick up your Winter Activity Box.

21 Dec - Making Salt Dough Ornaments
Today we get our creative juices flowing. Learn how to knead, bake and decorate classic salt dough ornaments. Keep it as a memory for yourself or gift it to a friend or neighbour. (By: Spectrum)

22 Dec - Write Christmas cards to elderly

The holiday (Christmas) season is the time of year to do something extra for our fellow inhabitants of Wageningen. Many elderly people are lonely at Christmas. A postcard with a friendly wish can make all the difference...for both giver and receiver. Bring your written card to: the door of nursing home "Vilente Pieter Pauw". The address is: Costerweg 75 6702 AA Wageningen.

23 Dec - Decorate a Christmas tree ornament
​What is more original than decorating your tree or room with your own handpainted christmas bauble! (By: VeSte)

24 Dec - The Great Wageningen Bake-of
Who bakes the best cookies? ISOW challenges you to give your best. What to do? Bake cookies, upload a picture or video and share your inspiration and - of course - the recipe. The best, most original or creative team wins! The budget per group we refund is 20 euro. Please keep the receipt. Share the story behind your creation, a story from your childhood, something reminds you of home, a traditional recipe, something that expresses the spirit of your group.

When were you ever allowed to play with your food. Well, today, let's go nuts today while decorating gingerbread figurines. Have some sugar filled fun while making new friends. (By: VeSte)

25 Dec. Get cosy
Now that you have already spent some time with your team mates, write them a nice Christmas wish. (by Student Council)

26 Dec. Potluck dinner
Share your favorite dishes with each other and enjoy a delicious and surprising meal. The Indian Association Wageningen teaches you to prepare a traditional Indian dish. Ingredients will be provided. Instruction is on the back of the food package.

27 dec. Peasant Scavenger Hunt
Peasants do a lot more than producing food, and can read the natural environment like no other! Be a peasant for a day, complete these six tasks and take pictures or videos of each one of them! Share your compilation at the end of the day and tag #InstaBoerengroep on Instagram & Boerengroep Wageningen on Facebook. Enjoy! (By Boerengroep Wageningen)

28 Dec.
Movie Night
Holiday vibes are not complete without a nice movie. Drama or action, nostalgia or science fiction, decide on your groups' favorite movie at 'Pathé Thuis' and watch it for free. There is also a free snack pack involved. (by Mercurius). Send Lisa (+316 19 41 72 15 a message to receive voucher for Cinema at home code).

31 Dec Time for Oliebollen
Go out and find an 'Oliebollenkraam' to enjoy some fresh 'Oliebollen', a traditional Dutch delicacy that is eaten on New Years' Eve. To celebrate the year to come we light sparkers to add to the festive atmosphere.

1 Jan Happy New Year!
Time to say goodbye to your new friends (for now). Take a long walk, have dinner together, ​or go out for a drink (if COVID rules allow it).

Thank you for joining us this Winter Break. We say goodbye, but we hope you keep in touch.