Bachelor's Food Technology

Hey food innovator, do you want to work on new innovative products for the largest business sector in the world? Great! Research and development of new products are important in order to maintain an effective competitive position and respond to consumer demand. The study of food technology is what supplies the knowledge for this ongoing process. Discover your wide range of possibilities with the Bachelor in Food Technology at Wageningen University & Research!

Bachelor Food Technology

What makes the Bachelor Food Technology unique?

  • Practical: Students apply chemistry, physics and biology to develop foods.
  • Large and diverse sector: There are many companies in the Netherlands and across the globe that offering attractive positions.
  • Quality management: Develop new methods to guarantee a market for good products.

Study programme of BSc Food Technology

The structure overview shows which subjects can be taken in each year of the BSc Food Technology. Read more about the programme background. Or watch the video below to get a good introduction to the Bachelor Food Technology.

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Application and admission

Visit the Admission & Enrolment page to check the programme prerequisites.

Future career and master’s programmes

The bachelor's programme gives admission to a number of master’s programmes. In addition to the main programmes (to which graduates have direct admission), there are a number of other master’s options available. Read more about these options.

Read about the career paths open to those who go on to complete a master’s after their bachelor's programme, along with graduate testimonials.

Meet us and events

Do you want to know more about the programme? You can join or visit one of the events below and you can ask your questions to the study adviser or the study information desk on this page.