Bachelor's Animal Sciences

Want to study a bachelor in animal sciences? The bachelor's programme Animal Sciences stimulates you to study and explore the biological functioning of animals in our society – all types of domesticated animals, and fisheries, in any function for human use and well-being: e.g., food production, companionship, sports, waste management, nature conservation or for educational and recreational purposes. How can these animals adapt to their environment and how can we create the best possible environment for them regarding sustainable and ethical factors on a worldwide scale? Answering these questions demands a fundamental understanding of the biology of domestic and captive animals, as well as knowledge about animal management and care in our society.

Bachelor Animal Sciences

Programme structure: Animal Sciences

Read more about what the bachelor Animal Sciences entails and see the outline of the subjects in each year of study.

What are the unique programme aspects?

  • Animal Sciences focusses on healthy animals and how to maintain, manage and care for them in developmental, sustainable and responsible ways.
  • Internationally oriented programme which stimulates you to expand your horizon abroad.
  • Perfect basis for a broad international employment perspective in industry, research institutions, public sector or non-profit organisations.

Follow-on master's programmes

The bachelor's programme gives admission to a number of master's programmes. In addition to the main programmes (to which graduates have direct admission), there are a number of other master's programmes available. Read more about follow-on master's programmes.

Careers and future prospects

Read about the career paths open to those who go on to complete a master's after their bachelor's programme, along with graduate testimonials.

Admission and application

Visit the Admission & enrolment page to check the programme prerequisites.

Meet us and events

Do you want to know more about the programme? Visit the Bachelor's Open Day, discover the online campus, order a brochure or be a student for a day. You can also ask your questions to the study adviser or the study information desk on this page.

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