Study Handbook and Schedule

Study Handbook

The Study Handbook provides students with official information about BSc and MSc programmes of the university. Here you can find information about study programmes, minors and courses. The Study Handbook is published in English. You can find the Study Handbook of each year on the right.

Course Schedules

The detailed schedules for period 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the academic year 2019-2020 are published.

Need to know more details on a specific course, such as when lectures or exams are scheduled? Click on the course schedule on the right to go to the schedules.

Teaching hours

A lesson hour is 40 minutes. Lectures, tutorials, group work and practical courses are usually scheduled in 2, 3 or 4-lesson hour blocks.
The morning scheduling is between 08.20 and 13.30, and the afternoon scheduling is from 14.00 to 19.00 (Friday until 17.20). See tab "Daytime schedule" in the courseplanning.
A maximum of 4 lesson hours per half-day has been scheduled (practical courses sometimes 5). On 2 afternoons a week, there is a long afternoon break from 12.40 to 14.00 (days depending on your study programme, see tab "long lunchbreaks" in the courseplanning).
Lessons until 19.00 have been scheduled as little as possible, with a maximum of 2 days a week.

Useful facts about the academic year:

  • Period 1, 2, 5 and 6 last 8 weeks and contain a study load of 12 ECTS credits.
  • Period 3 and 4 last 4 weeks and contain a study load of 6 ECTS credits.
  • Exams will be taken within the period the course is taught.
  • Resit exams are scheduled twice a year: in February (right after period 3) and in August.
  • Periods are divided in weeks, weeks are identified with week numbers. The corresponding dates of these periods and week numbers can be found in the calendar of the academic year.

More information about the planning of the academic year

Course Planning

The Course planning contains a list of courses you can sort on period and part of day (see tab 'Courses 2019-2020'). With this overview it is possible to make a planning on which courses you can combine in a specific period before the detailed schedules are published.

Important to know about the course planning:

  • Most courses have 6 ECTS credits and are taught in the morning or the afternoon. In each period you can combine a morning-course with an afternoon-course.
  • The tab 'Rooms' contains a list with teaching rooms. You can find the address of every building in this list.
  • The tab 'Location Overview' contains a map with all building names and room- and building numbers.
  • You can consult the Study Handbook to get information about a course and its course coordinator. The coding of the courses in this course planning corresponds with the codes used in the Study Handbook.
  • In cases where the information of the course planning differs from the Study Handbook, use the information in the Study Handbook.

Any questions?

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