Team and farm

VIC Sterksel is the leading research and innovation facility and expertise provider for pig husbandry in the Netherlands. Research at the farm covers all aspects of sustainable pig husbandry, including nutrition, animal welfare and health, emissions, housing and mineral management.

VIC Sterksel is a modern pig farm with 300 sows and 2,400 porkers and a great variety of livestock systems. Due to our great flexibility in accommodation and management, we can suit every research need.


At VIC Sterksel we study the latest developments in animal nutrition, health, housing, welfare, climate control and feeding systems, manure processing, sustainable energy applications and barn construction. Various research possibilities and methods are available: from research under controlled conditions on our experimental farm to a survey of commercial farms or a survey of your target group. Extensive knowledge is available on all our themes.

Excellent reputation

Everyone in the primary agricultural sector and periphery in the Netherlands has heard of VIC Sterksel. In addition, the centre has an excellent international reputation. Every year, the VIC receives thousands of visitors from both the Netherlands and abroad.


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