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2020, 16 December


It didn’t come as a surprise that the corona measures were tightened, but we didn’t expect a complete lockdown for 5 weeks. We will try to provide some online classes, but the greater part of the sports programme will be cancelled.

From Saturday December 19th up to and including Sunday January 3rd SCB will be closed completely. It is possible to attend online workouts on the Sports Centre de Bongerd YouTube channel, because especially in these days it’s important to keep moving.

We will try as hard as we can to stream as many classes as possible from January 4th. Check our website.

In these special times, we wish you a Merry Xmas and we hope to see each other very soon in 2021 under different circumstances.

Keep moving!


2020, 4 November

The second wave reaches a peak, and gyms must be closed (partially).

Sports Centre de Bongerd will close its doors tonight at 22.00H for at least all groups-lessons and SSA trainings till further notice.

The fitness will stay open, subscription obligated.

Stay with us, more news will follow.

Sit less, feel better!


Update 14 October 2020

Once again no good news. After the press conference of the Dutch government, SCB has to deal from Wednesday October 14th 10 pm with the restrictions that team sports and contact sports and the connected competitions are forbidden. The Sports Pub, the dressing rooms and
the showers are closed.

Indoor group classes

Group classes in which we can maintain the 1,5 meter rule are still allowed. We only have to reduce the number of participants of some of the classes and the fitness registration blocks to the maximum of 30 persons per accommodation.


Playing squash is not allowed!

N.B. At this moment there are still registration options open, but from Thursday October 15th the locations will be removed from the reservations which means that you don’t have a registration anymore in ‘MySCB’.

Student sport associations

All trainings of the student sport associations are cancelled until further notice. We are looking for alternatives in close consultation with the teachers in which we can maintain the 1,5 meter rule. Communication about alternatives will be by the Coordinators Sport to the executive boards of the student sport associations, but will not start before Monday October 19th.

Outdoor group classes

All outdoor group classes are cancelled.
It’s not allowed to do sports outside together with more than 4 persons.

Face masks

Face masks are compulsory in the hallways of SCB and when you have to get, put back or clean equipment at the start or the end of a class.

Sit less, feel better!


Update 31 August 2020

The academic year 2020-2021 will start on Monday August 31st.  The corona measures will be for the most unchanged, but from next Monday we will go a little bit further in opening our sports facility: the showers in the dressing room 11-16 of Sports Hall 4 can be used after your workout on weekdays between 09:00-16:30 hours. In this way we hope to give you an option to do sports between classes or work,
when you are allowed to be on campus.

Update 17 August 2020

Compensation sports rights Sports Centre de Bongerd

Sports Centre de Bongerd was closed for several months. Therefore you can get a compensation on your sports rights. These are the options:

Extend month rights

Will you purchase month rights in the coming academic year (2020-2021)? In that case you can ask to lengthen you rights with the missed period from July 1st. This is possible at the reception desk of SCB or sent an e-mail to

Reduction on yearly sports rights

Did you have yearly or half-yearly sports rights in the academic year
2019-2020? In that case you can claim a reduction on your sports rights for the coming academic year 2020-2021. You can ask for this reduction at the reception desk of SCB.  

Restitution of the amount

Are you not able to do sports at SCB anymore? In that case you can ask for a restitution with a maximum of € 30, depending on the paid sports rights. You can find the application form down below.


It’s also possible to give up the compensation. In this case you donate
the reduction wholly or partly to SCB. We appreciate it very much if you
support us in this way. You can indicate at the reception desk of SCB if you donate the compensation wholly or partly.

Application form

Whatever you choose: we are anyway grateful for your participation in
the SCB sport programme. We will receive you on appropriate distance, but with wide open arm, because we missed you all very much! You can find more information about our current sports programme on our website.

Can you send in the application form before October 1st? Thank you very

The application for a refund is closed


Update 1 July 2020

Summer period

From July 1 it’s allowed to do sports indoors and outdoors again and is it also allowed to reopen the fitness room.
Fitness and group classes are still under the 1,5 meter restrictions but for
the other contact sports it’s allowed to practice without this measure; however before and after the sports activity you have to keep the 1,5 meter again.

Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB) will be open this summer with an extensive sports programme. Student sports associations are allowed to continue their trainings outdoors under the guidance of an SCB teacher or an official assistant. In this way we have enough room for scheduling our sports programme indoors within the 1,5 restrictions. When the weather is permitting it’s always possible to find a suitable place outdoors.

The opening hours will be adapted from Saturday July 4 till Monday August 24 on weekdays and Saturdays according the schedule below. On Sundays SCB will be closed.

During the summer a lot of classes and trainings of the student sport associations will be according the regular schedule. For the exact schedule check the sports list at the website or the SCB app (Android and iPhone; Sports Centre de Bongerd). For all classes you have to register and under the effective corona measures that you can read below! The squash courts will open from Monday July 13 with reduced capacity.

The regular sports program will start on Monday August
24; the 8 week courses will start on Monday August 31.

Sports rights

From July 1 SCB will offer a complete sports
programme again and the employee sports rights will be deducted from the salary again. For students the reduction on sports rights for the coming academic year is therefore set on 3,5 x € 8,42 = € 29,47 (round down € 29).  Students who left Wageningen already or don’t have the possibility anymore to extend the sports rights are entitled to a restitution. Further information about this will be send by e-mail in August and on the website of SCB.

Swimming pool

From Monday July 13 until Monday August 24 you can't go for free to the swimming pool with your WUR card with sports rights. It is possible to buy a multiple entry ticket for this period for 12 times at € 58,50. The opening hours of the swimming pool are also adapted and you also have to register at the website of the swimming pool. From Monday August 24 until Tuesday September 15 you still can use your sports rights 2019-2020 at the swimming pool.

Have a nice holiday and keep on moving!

Opening hours summer 2020:

Saturday 4 July - Sunday 16 august

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12.00-22.00

Tuesday from 09.00-22.00

Friday from 12.00-18.00

Saturday from 08.30-12.30

Sunday closed

From Monday 17 August – Sunday 23 August

Monday – Friday from 08.30-22.00

Saturday from 08.30-12.30

Sunday closed


Update 12 May 2020

Protocol outdoor sports Sports Centre de Bongerd (only in Dutch)

We are allowed again!

All student sports associations which
use the SCB outdoor facilities are allowed to start – under strict protocols -
from May 12th. For individual sportsmen and sportswomen SCB is still


Update 1 May 2020

SCB GYM App   

New training programs and challenges are weekly updated in our SCB GYM App.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts with o without household items.
Free download for all students and employees with valid sports rights.
How to use the SCB GYM app?
Download the SCB GYM App in the Google Play store for Android/Appstore for Apple
Sent an e-mail to
including: first name, family name, email address and WBA number. We will send you an email with your personalized activation code to install the App.

Where to find home workouts?

Open the SCB GYM App and click on workouts. Search for "@ home" workout in the search function. Select one of the available workouts and get started!

For questions or suggestions, please contact: or


Update 9 April 2020


All students with yearly sports rights or half year sports rights from January 2020 are entitled to a reduction of € 8,42 on the yearly student sports rights of the academic year 2020-2021, for each month that SCB is closed from March 14th. Because we can’t estimate when SCB is allowed to open up again, we can’t specify the amount yet.
Only for students who will not be enrolled next academic year we will restitute the amount. Further information you can find on the SCB website as soon as is clear what the length of the closing period
will be.

Students sports rights per month will be extended with the remaining period from the moment SCB can open up the accommodation again. The remaining period will be determined by means of the closing on March 14th. For students who left Wageningen already and therefore can’t use the extension of the membership period, we will restitute the amount of the remaining period. Further information you can find on the SCB website as soon as is clear what the length of the closing period will be.

Update 31 maart 2020

Sports rights

Now Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB) is closed in accordance with the regulations of the government, the measures below according sports rights have been decided:

  • All employee sports rights will be postponed. There will be no deduction from the salary from April 1 until SCB is allowed to open her doors again.
  • All student sports rights per month will be postponed from March 14 for the remaining period until SCB is open again. For students who are no longer in Wageningen we will search for tailor-made solutions.
  • All students with sports rights per year will receive a reduction of € 8,42 (€ 101 divided by 12) per month that SCB is closed on the student year rights 2020-2021. For students that are no longer in Wageningen goes the same that we will look for tailor-made solutions.

For questions or information mail:

Sit less, feel better!