Master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies

The Master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies in Wageningen teaches you to analyse the interrelationships between consumers, supply chain, producers, and society-at-large. During the Master's, you will study managerial, economic, sociological and environmental aspects of households and businesses.

Master Management, Economics and Consumer Studies

What makes MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies unique?

  • Specialisations for students with a social sciences and technical life sciences background.
  • Wide programme that focuses on the managerial, economic, and social processes of the agrifood chain.
  • Offers practical experience through internships.

Study programme Management Economics and Consumer Studies

During the master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies you will learn about the business-, economical and sociological processes that concern consumers, facility management, agribusiness and/or food supply. Read the full programme or compare this master's to other programmes.


Within the MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies you can choose from one of the following specialisations to meet your personal interest. Each course trains you to become an expert in that field.

With a BSc in the social sciences you can choose:

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Business Studies

If you like to investigate and analyse the strategies and operations of companies in production and distribution networks, than this would be the best fit for you.

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Consumer Studies

This specialisation is all about gaining knowledge about the behaviour, lifestyles and consumption patterns of consumers and households.

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Economics and Governance

This specialisation focuses on economic, environmental, and policy analysis, and is concerned with issues relating to economic development, the agricultural sector and rural areas.

Or if you have a technological BSc with disciplines related to plant and animal sciences, food sciences and technology:

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Management in Life Sciences

You will bridge the gap between the world of management, innovation and entrepreneurship on the one hand and the world of science and technology on the other.


This master's is the only study programme to offer a combination of economics with nature and environment, sustainable development, management and policy, living environment and logistics. Compare this study programme with similar programmes from Wageningen University & Research and other universities.

What moves me? Researching problems that matter in business, consumer studies or economics.
Student Management, Economics and Consumer Studies

Application and admission

Each specialisation within this master's has it's own admission requirements. For example, you need to have a relevant background. Read more about the application procedure.

Future career

Depending on the specialisation graduates of the master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies have several career opportunities. For example, Marcel started his own company developing UV technology and machinery. But you can also end up as a manager or consultant in hospitals, government departments or the health sector. Read all the stories of our alumni.