Chain design and policy advice

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has years of experience in research and projects in supply chain designs for the biobased economy. Our perspective is based not only on the supply side of biomass and the available technologies, but also on the demand for biobased products and the biomass chain.

Extensive knowledge of biomass chains

As well as being produced and processed, biomass also needs to be converted into valuable market products. A unique aspect of the work of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is the broad and detailed knowledge we have on various biomass chains and their application in the biobased economy. Our approach combines knowledge about biomass availability, qualities of biomass, logistics, pretreatment, sustainability, economical aspects and conversion technologies. In this way, we can design innovative chains for the biobased economy. In recent years, we have contributed to a wide range of projects for both industry and governments.

From knowledge to solution

Knowledge of biomass, biorefining and the biobased economy is developing at a rapid pace. Many of our industrial and governmental partners find it difficult to maintain an overview of this know-how and its applications. With our scientific expertise and the results of our projects we can find practical solutions for businesses and governments, while keeping an eye on feasibility. If required, we also translate these solutions into policy and the design of sustainable chains, from production to end products. Our independent position gives the advice added value. We cooperate with partners within and outside of Wageningen University & Research.