Application and admission - Biosystems Engineering

On this page you will find information on admission and registration for the MSc programme of Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University & Research.

Admission requirements

General requirements

Students who want to enrol to the MSc programme of Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University & Research must have a BSc degree or equivalent of a technical programme or an agricultural education programme with sufficient engineering background.

Relevant bachelor's degrees are agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial automation engineering or environmental technology. Agronomy, plant sciences or animal sciences related bachelor's programmes may also fit when there is at least one year (60 credits) of engineering and engineering related courses and/or an engineering related thesis subject in the bachelor's programme.


Like all the master's programmes in Wageningen, the language of instruction is in English, which will be a good preparation for an academic career and supports the contact with scientists in other countries. Admission to the MSc Biosystems Engineering requires a certain level and knowledge of the English language. If you are a student from outside the Netherlands, you have to take an official test to see if your level on English is sufficient. For more information, you can take a look at the general admission requirements of the MSc.

Dutch HBO & University students

Read this page in Dutch about the admission of Dutch HBO students and students from another Dutch University to the MSc programme of Biosystems Engineering.

Admission procedure

Application and deadlines

To apply for admission to the MSc programme of Biosystems Engineering you have to submit several documents. This process is described step by step on the website of the Student Service Centre (SSC). Please submit your application as soon as possible and certainly within the application deadlines set by the SSC.

You can apply for the MSc Biosystems Engineering in the admissions page. There you will also find the application deadlines. You can start with the MSc program in September or in February. We advise students to start in September, if possible. That way, you will start with the three compulsory courses that give you an overview about the different fields of Biosystems Engineering and you have the best chance to finish your program in two years’ time.

When you doubt about the relevance of your bachelor's degree, it is always possible to do an application (free of charge). The admission committee will judge every application on an individual basis. More general information can be found at the university's general MSc information webpage.

The admission committee will inform you within 6-8 weeks if you are eligible for this master programme. Three outcomes are possible:

  • No, you are not eligible. This means that you have to wait at least a year before you can apply again.
  • Yes, you are admitted to the programme, congratulations. Once you have submitted all required documents and paid the tuition fee you can start with the programme.
  • Yes, but you have to follow a premaster first. The admission committee feels you are not entirely prepared for the masters yet. This means that you have to follow some extra courses to provide you with a solid base, before you can start with the MSc Biosystems Engineering. Read more on this page.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees can vary, depending on for example your nationality and degree. Find out which tuition fee is applicable for you.