forest and nature conservation ecology specialisation

Specialisation Ecology

If we want to conserve nature we need to know how nature and ecosystems function. The specialisation Ecology focusses on how natural areas function from an ecosystems approach. You learn about the complex structure of ecosystems and the complex relations between organisms and their natural environment.

For who is this specialisation?

This specialisation is a good fit for students who have a background in nature conservation or for those with a background in the field of biology, environmental sciences or natural resource management and are interested to apply this in the field of nature conservation.

Applying ecology in a global context

The key to successful conservation of nature is understanding how nature works. In the specialisation Ecology you get the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge on topics like landscape ecology, animal ecology, forest resource management, tropical forestry, plant ecology, biodiversity conservation and tropical nature conservation. You learn to understand and do research on complex ecosystems and come up with solutions for the conservation of valuable nature areas.

In this specialisation you focus on terrestrial ecology in an international context. You gain fundamental knowledge on different topics within the domain ecology which you can apply within cases worldwide.

Career prospects

This specialisation provides an excellent preparation for Dutch as well as European and non-European jobs. Read the story of Ecology alumnus Wilco or find out more about future careers.

More about Forest and Nature Conservation

The master's Forest and Nature Conservation focuses on policy, sustainable management and conservation of forest and nature. This includes understanding and predicting the effect of phenomena such as: deforestation, biodiversity loss, ecotourism, timber production and animal reintroduction. Read more about the master's programme of this specialisation: Forest and Nature Conservation.

How to apply

Are you interested in following the specialisation Policy and Society of the master's Forest and Nature Conservation? We have put together all information you need to complete your application before the application deadline.