Common part Forest and Nature Conservation

The courses in the common part of the MSc Forest and Nature Conservation programme are listed below. The course work in this part consists of restricted optional subjects (RO). In consultation with your study adviser you determine which RO courses are needed. All students are obliged to do Modular Skills Training and Academic Consultancy Training. During these courses you develop professional skills which enable you to participate in the labour marked right from the beginning.

Course information

The course Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation (REG-31306) provides you with the latest developments in the field of Forest and Nature Conservation. In this course you also get familiar with the four chair groups connected to this MSc programme, this will help you to orientate on your thesis subject. REG-31306 is compulsory for all students except for BSc graduates of Forest- and Nature Conservation.

Course Code Course name CS/RO
REG-31306 Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation RO0
REG-31806 Ecological Methods I RO0
YRM-20306 Research Methods in Environmental Science RO0
MAT-14903 Mathematics 2 RO0
MAT-15403 Statistics 2 RO0
YMC-60303 Modular Skills Training (MOS) RO1
YMC-60306 Modular Skills Training (MOS) RO1
YMC-60809 Academic Consultancy Training (ACT) RO1
FEM-70424 Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management RO2
FNP-70424 Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy RO2
PEN-70424 Internship Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation RO2
REG-70424 Internship Resource Ecology RO2
  • RO0: Choose 0 - 5 courses in consultation with your study adviser
  • RO1: Choose either YMC-60303 and YMC-60809 or YMC-60306 in consultation and agreement with the study adviser, depending on prior training or relevant working experience. If you choose YMC-60306 you have to choose at least ECS-65500 (Argumentation Skills)
  • RO2: Choose 1 internship or choose a second thesis. Replacement of the internship by a second thesis is subject to approval by the study adviser

Note 1: It is not allowed to choose subjects that already were part of one's BSc programme at WU

Note 2: There is a special track MSc European Forestry, ask your study adviser for information

More information about courses can be found in the Study Handbook.