WURcard/Proof of Enrolment

When all the registration requirements have been fulfilled and your request for registration has been processed by the Student Service Centre (SSC) you will receive a letter containing two certificates of enrolment and a proof of enrolment. This letter will be sent to your address as known by the SSC in their administration.
  • The certificates of enrolment can be used for the benefit of organisations requesting proof of enrolment, for example the tax office or an insurance company.
  • The certificates of enrolment show your personal details, study details and the period of registration. The proof of enrolment is issued every year.
  • The proof of enrolment is, together with the WURcard, your student card. The proof of enrolment is only valid in combination with your WURcard.

All students enrolled at Wageningen University receive a WURcard, containing your personal data, photo and rights within the organisation. It has the following functions:

  • Identification as a student of Wageningen University (only in combination with a valid Proof of Enrolment)
  • Library card to borrow books from the University Libraries
  • Identification for entrance to Wageningen University & Research non-public buildings (if applicable)
  • Identification for entrance to the sport facilities of the University Sport Centre ‘de Bongerd’ (once the required subscription has been paid)
  • Virtual wallet (eWallet)


The WURcard is issued to all students and is only valid in combination with a valid proof of enrolment at Wageningen University. In principle, you will receive the WURcard only once and you can use it until you are no longer enrolled as a student at Wageningen University. Upon enrolment you will receive a letter by email with information about your WUR account. This letter contains a link to a site where you can upload your photograph for your WURcard.

Your photograph is saved in the Student Information Database of Wageningen University and displayed on your WURcard.

You can collect* your WURcard from the student desk in the FORUM. Please bring your proof of enrolment and valid ID with you.

*Please note: Due to the coronavirus first year students 2020-2021 will receive the WUR-Card by post. We will send the card by post if the student has an address in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. Other students can stop by at the student desk in Forum building to collect the card.

Loss, Theft or Damage

Lost, stolen or damaged cards must be reported to the Student Service Desk. To do so you will need to identify yourself with a valid passport, ID card, driver’s license or Dutch Student OV-card.

The Student Service Centre (SSC) immediately blocks lost and stolen WURcards, and you then have two options:

  1. Present a police declaration that you have reported the theft and receive a new WURcard from the SSC at no charge.
  2. Pay € 15 in order to receive a new student WURcard from the SSC.

If the chip in your WURcard is damaged, a new card will be provided by the SSC free of charge (unless the damage is the result of careless use).


At the start of each academic year your access to the sports facilities of the University Sports Centre de Bongerd (USB) will be arranged via the WURcard. To use the USB sports facilities you must pay a subscription for each academic year (or a portion thereof). After payment, your WURcard is linked to your sports facility rights. Any additions or changes to your rights can be arranged directly with the USB.

>> Read more about Sports at Sports Centre de Bongerd.

Student ID Card
As a student ID card, the WURcard is valid only in combination with a valid proof of enrolment at Wageningen University, which is provided by the Student Service Centre. Keep your WURcard and proof of enrolment together.


All students with a WURcard can borrow books from the WUR libraries.

Access to WUR buildings

Your WURcard also grants you access to the WUR buildings that are usually only accessible for staff. Right of access is provided by the building manager, often at the request of your Study Advisor or Programme Director.


  • Personal Details: Make changes via Studielink
  • Library entitlements: Make changes via the Forum Library at Wageningen Campus
  • Sports Facilities entitlements: Make changes via the University Sports Centre de Bongerd (USB)
  • Staff entitlement: If you sign an employment contract with WUR, you will be given temporary (for the duration of the employment contract) staff entitlements in addition to your student entitlements. Any changes to these entitlements are made via your supervisor.

Protection of your Personal Details

The WUR card is linked to an automated card management system in which the personal details of the cardholders are processed. WUR processes details in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and under the name ‘WURcard’ to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (www.cbpweb.nl).

The personal details are obtained via the WBA (WUR database) of the AIR (the student information database of Wageningen University). This information is used only for access control and identification, student ID cards, Wageningen Library Cards and for proof of participation in the sports programme.

You may request to see your own personal details and have them corrected at the Student Service Centre.

Contact the Service Desk of Facilities and Services (FB) on +31 (0)317 486666 or servicedesk.facilities@wur.nl