Specialisation Environmental and Biobased Technology

Focus on biotechnological application during degradation of waste and production of valuable products or energy from renewable resources.

Students will follow one year of courses, some compulsory and other optional. In the second year of the MSc students will perform 2 research projects: one major thesis and one internship or 2nd thesis.

Take care: after enrolment, students have to check the study handbook to get information on programme requirements for their specific year.
Time Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Period 6
AM ETE-21306 Water treatment (RO1) BCT-20306 Modelling Dynamic Systems(RO1) SSB-20306 Bioinformation Technology (RO0)
SSB-20306 Bioinformation Technology (RO1) MIB-30806 Applied Molecular Microbiology (RO1) BPE-35306 Microalgae Biotechnology (RO2)
AFI-31806 Aquaculture Production Systems(RO2) BCT-31306 Systems and Control Theory (RO1)
ETE-32306 Renewable Energy; Sources, Technology, Application (RO2)
FCH-31306 Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery (RO2)
BCT-32306 Advanced Biorefinery
PM ORC-30306 Applied Biocatalysis (RO2) FPE-31306 Transfer processes (RO1) BPE-32803 Micro algae Biotechnology (RO2) BCT-33806 Conversions in Biobased Sciences (RO2)
Whole day ORL-32806 Sustainability Analysis ETE-30306 Biol. processes for resource technology BPE-60312 Bioprocess design

Compulsory: ETE-30306, BCT-32306, BPE-60312; restricted optionals (RO): RO1 choose at least 6 ECTS; RO2 choose at least 3 ECTS.

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