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Discoveries through chemistry are based on research conducted by motivated people. Furthermore, a combination of disciplines is needed to be at the forefront of the field of science. Wageningen University offers all that and more. Wageningen University graduates are able to conduct high level research and perform in an interdisciplinary environment. It is here that theory is put to practice and it will give you a strong background for employment in industry, government or universities.

Focus on the molecular aspects

Wageningen University encompasses the fields of nutrition, health, nature and the living environment. The MSc Molecular Life Sciences study programme focuses on the molecular aspects of these fields and works in close coordination with colleagues from different disciplines.

What you get

We expect applicants to have a strong background in chemistry and biology and some physics. We offer you a dynamic environment that will allow you to deepen and broaden your skills and competencies. A MSc degree from this study will open doors for employment at universities, industry and government; or you may decide to continue your studies as a PhD-candidate.

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