Future career - Animal Sciences

Now that you have read all the information about the MSc programme Animal Sciences, you can find at this page what kind of work you can do after you graduate from this programme. Animal scientists find work primarily at universities or in the business sector, such as in the feed and pharmaceutical (veterinary medicines) industries.

Career opportunities after the master's Animal Sciences

One of every five graduates works in the business sector in a commercial position such as marketing manager, a technical position such as specialised engineer (where you are primarily involved with improving products or production methods), or supervisory positions. In addition, there are many research jobs at universities and research institutions in the Netherlands and also abroad. More than one-third of the researchers work as trainee research assistants (PhD candidates): they work for four years on their own research project to earn their PhD title. One out of every six graduates in Animal Sciences works abroad (at least temporarily), in development cooperation, as a researcher or in the business sector. A couple of examples of jobs from graduated Animal Scientists are:

  • System researcher at Wageningen University & Research or other national or international research institutions;
  • Policy officer at Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE), Health Services for Animals, or the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ);
  • PR functions in policy support organisations (LTO or CLM (Centre for Agriculture and Environment));
  • Employee at the Research & Development or Communication departments at e.g. meat or animal nutrition producers;
  • Foreign aid in the tropics;
  • Quality manager for animal transport at KLM;
  • Product manager for an (international) producer of premixes;
  • Trainee research assistant/PhD candidate at a company or a university;
  • Researcher at a research institute;
  • Trouble-shooter at an international pharmaceutical company;
  • Consultant/trainer for an incubator manufacturer;
  • Manager of (laboratory) animal facility;
  • Consultant in behavioural observations technology;
  • Account manager;
  • Nutritionist at a feed company;
  • Adviser/Consultant in the animal branch;
  • Quality manager at an animal nutrition company;
  • Teacher at an institute for higher education.

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