Application and admission - Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management

All Master of Science programmes of Wageningen University & Research offer various possibilities regarding the design of the master's programme based on personal interests and capacities. Enrolment in our courses is tailor-made and based on your personal portfolio. Therefore it is important to contact your MSc study-advisor in an early phase of your bachelor's programme.

Admission requirements

To take part in this master’s, you must meet the general admission requirements for Wageningen University. In addition, there are specific requirements for the master’s Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. Applicants should have a relevant bachelor’s degree in animal science, aquatic science, biology, ecology, fisheries, marine science, environmental sciences or natural/technical sciences related to marine or aquatic environment. Moreover, a good knowledge of mathematics and statistics is required. Do you want to know if you are admissible? Start the application procedure via

These bachelor’s from Wageningen University give unconditional admittance to the master’s Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management:

  • Biology
  • Forest and Nature Conservation
  • Animal Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences

For a good preparation it is strongly advised to include the BSc minor Marine Living Resources in your BSc programme.

Application procedure

You can apply via The Academic Committee on Admissions will review the application based on the applicant’s curriculum, Grade Point Average, final thesis report or research paper and/or relevant work experience. The applicants will be informed about the Committee’s decision by letter.

Are you still in the process of obtaining your bachelor’s degree?

Students in the final year of their BSc programme can also apply for admission prior to their graduation. The Academic Committee of Admissions can tentatively admit a student based on a transcript of his/her academic record. After graduation, students must submit their BSc certificate before 1 September of the year he/she wants to start.

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the Student Service Centre via

Pre-master programme

If students miss some of the required knowledge to start this master’s, they might be able to close this knowledge gap during a pre-master. A pre-master is a series of courses adjusted to your specific knowledge gaps. A pre-master can contain up to a maximum of 30 ECTS. You have to finish the pre-master within one academic year.

Do you want to know if a pre-master might be something for you? Please apply via The admissions committee will assess your application. If a pre-master programme is necessary and possible, they will contact you about the details. If you apply timely, you might be able to follow some pre-master courses as electives during your bachelor.

If you have any other questions about pre-masters, please contact Iris Keizer via

Apply for the MSc Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management