Specialisation Aquaculture

The specialisation Aquaculture deals with the culture of numerous aquatic organisms (such as finfish, shrimp, shellfish, ornamental fish, corals, sponges and algae) in a wide range of culture environments (from sea enclosures to semi-extensive ponds and high-tech recirculation systems).

Learning outcome

It requires thorough knowledge and skills to maintain the biological, physical and chemical integrity of water bodies, animal physiology and insight in economic and social driving factors. The learning outcome of this specialisation is to design optimal and sustainable production of fish and other marine organisms in a global perspective.

First year

Set-up of the first year of the study programme (click on the picture to enlarge). No rights can be derived from the contents of this picture; for the most up-to-date information about the programme, always check the online study handbook.


Second year

In the second year there are two standard options to plan the study programme. Work first on your thesis and then on your on internship; or vice versa. However, a lot of flexibility in time exists: e.g. continuing working during summer holiday or combining with your thesis in Wageningen. The study advisor can show you many possibilities.