Minor Environmental Education

Around the globe environmental education is seen as a means to help citizens become environmentally knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated people who are willing to work individually and collectively towards achieving a balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment. Environmental education thus is regarded a multi-disciplinary form of formal, non-formal and informal education that focuses on nature, environment and society as interdependent and inseparable entities.

More about the minor Environmental Education


Questions that have been addressed over the years and continue to be addressed include:

  • When can we call something 'environmental education', and how does it compare to other social instruments and emerging educations such as development education, peace education and health education?
  • How can environmental education contribute to sustainable living? What are key didactical and pedagogical characteristics of successful environmental education?

    • What are the ethical and philosophical considerations of education about, and above all, for the environment?
    • What educational strategies are most appropriate for the development of sustainability that is based on the empowerment and action competence of local communities?

Students can learn more about the education and research related to environmental education by visiting the website of the Education and Competence Studies group.


In the MSc Environmental Sciences programme you can choose the minor Environmental Education. Within this minor you have to select an internship or thesis. This replaces the internship of your thesis track. For more information visit the study handbook or contact the study adviser. Below you find an overview of all courses of this minor.

Subject Code Period* Phase
Environmental Education and Learning for Sustainability ELS-31806 6WD M1
Restricted optional: select at least one **
Communicating for Sustainability and Responsible Innovation CPT-22306 2AF M1
Risk Communication CPT-24306 4WD M1
Restricted optional: select at least one**
MSc Internship Education and Competence Studies ELS-70424 1,2,3,4,5,6 M2
MSc Research Practice Education and Competence Studies ELS-79324 1,2,3,4,5,6 M2
* MO = morning; AF= afternoon; WD = whole day
** The restricted optional subjects have to be selected in consultation and agreement with the study adviser
This course overview is based on the Wageningen University study handbook. The study handbook is guiding in case of any discrepancy.

Below you can see the schedule of the courses included in this minor.

MSc Environmental Sciences - Minor Environmental Education