Programme - Biology

The MSc Biology Programme (MBI) is a two year programme, which comprises of 120 credits (ECTS). The programme consists of various courses, an internship and a master’s thesis which are carried out within one of the four specialisations.

Design your tailor made study programme

Together with your study advisor you can design a tailor made study programme. Below you see which elements are part of a MSc Biology study programme:

Compulsory courses

The following compulsory courses must be successfully completed by all students taking part in the MBI programme:

  • Frontiers in Biology (6 ECTS): This course deals with the latest developments in biology and covers a wide range of themes. Highlights in modern biology will be addressed by studying recent articles and by keynote speakers who are active in various biological disciplines.
  • Academic consultancy training (9 ECTS): During this course students will work in groups on an assignment for an external client.
  • Modular skills training (3 ECTS): The modular skills training teaches skills that are necessary for graduates to function in jobs at MSc level. These skills are obtained by selecting and following a couple of modules.
  • Thesis (36 ECTS): The thesis must be a minimum of 30 credits, which is carried out within one of the four specialisations.
  • Internship (24 ECTS): The internship must be a minimum of 24 credits, which is carried out within one of the four specialisations.


Specialisation courses

In each specialisation, students follow two specialisation courses to deepen their knowledge of literature and scientific analysis, and to develop research skills relevant for the scientific discipline of the specialisation. This way, students obtain the level of knowledge needed to carry out a thesis or internship. Which courses are required varies among specialisations.

Optional courses

Optional courses can be selected from any relevant MSc programme offered either at Wageningen University or any other academic institution (subject to approval).

The combination of specialisation and optional courses gives students the opportunity to graduate with a profile that is tailor made to their specific interests.

Courses of the MSc Biology are listed in the online Study Handbook.

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