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The Organic Agriculture programme has been designed to train students in multiple aspects of organic agriculture and the associated processing and marketing chain. An important goal is to prepare the students for interdisciplinary teamwork at an academic level.

Well-rounded and holistic programme

This study is unique in that it combines detailed consideration of the underlying principles and processes from a natural science perspective with social and economic studies. Creative thinking is required to design new sustainable farming and marketing systems instead of simply optimising existing systems. The programme has an international character which uses case-studies and offers project opportunities in both the developed and developing world.

The curriculum has been carefully formulated to provide a balance between fundamental and applied science. Various university groups such as agronomy, ecology, soil science, animal sciences, pest and disease management, food technology, sociology, communication science and economics participate, making this a well-rounded and holistic programme.

Potential Students

Wageningen University's MSc programme in Organic Agriculture caters to several types of bachelor students, who wish to continue their studies at MSc level. Besides our own BSc students Plant Sciences and BSc students in Biology from our own and other Dutch universities, it also aims at Dutch students who hold a bachelor of professional education's degree in e.g. Agriculture and Horticulture, Animal Husbandry or Business Adminstration and Agribusiness. However, the majority of all Organic Agriculture master's students comes from abroad.

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