Sustainable Land Management specialisation

In the Sustainable Land Management specialisation you are trained to develop solutions to land degradation problems and you learn how to optimise current and future land use in different regions of the world. Sustainable Land Management is the core domain of this specialisation; our mission is to contribute to food security now and in the future in rainfed areas through the conservation of natural resources.

Courses and Thesis

This table shows the courses of this specialisation. Click on the course name for more information.
Course code Course Period
SLM-30306 Issues and Concepts in International Land and Water Management 1AF
SLM-30806 Land Degradation & Development 2MO
PPS-30306 Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems 3
SLM-32306 Sustainable Land Management Policies 3
SLM-31806 Erosion Processes and Modelling 4
SLM-31306 Fundamentals of Land Management 5MO
WRM-32306 Research Approaches to Land and Water Management 5AF
WRM-60309 Sustainable Land and Water Management (Spain) 6
SLM-80336 Thesis Soil Physics and Land Management Year 2

Learning Outcomes

This specialisation deals with the processes, drivers and consequences of land degradation and with interventions and conservation practices for sustainable land management. By providing in-depth knowledge and skills on physical and socio-economic aspects, this specialisation prepares students for both research and development jobs. Topics covered range from erosion processes and modelling to impact assessment and strategies, from field scale to watershed and beyond.

After successful completion of the Sustainable Land Management specialisation graduates are expected to be able to: 

  • assess and analyse the processes, drivers and consequences of land degradation, and predict and evaluate the effects of interventions in a cross-disciplinary manner;
  • analyse and explain how physical and socio-economic aspects can be investigated in an integrated way and how this knowledge can be applied for development purposes.

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