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Due to rapid technological development in the plant sciences, genomics and molecular genetics, the use of molecular marker technology has accelerated the selection of new plant varieties with many favourable traits. It also facilitates the design, development and management of transgenic plants. Plant Biotechnology aims to impart understanding of the basic principles of the plant sciences and molecular biology, as well as the integration of these disciplines, to provide healthy plants in a safe environment for food, non-food, feed and health applications. Besides covering the technological aspects, Plant Biotechnology also deals with the most important environmental, quality, health, socio-economic and infrastructural aspects.

Potential Students

Wageningen University's MSc programme in Plant Biotechnology caters to several types of bachelor students, who wish to continue their studies at MSc level. Besides our own BSc students in Plant Sciences and BSc students in Biotechnology and Biology from our own and other Dutch universities, it also aims at Dutch students who hold a bachelor of professional education's degree in e.g. (Botanical) Laboratory Research, Biotechnology or Agriculture and Horticulture. However the majority of Plant Biotechnology master's students comes from abroad.  

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