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Wageningen University's MSc programme in Plant Sciences caters to several types of bachelor's students, who wish to continue their studies at MSc level.

Student population

Besides our own BSc students in Plant Sciences and BSc students in Biology from our own and other Dutch universities, it also aims at Dutch students who hold a bachelor of professional education's degree in e.g. Agriculture & Horticulture or Laboratory Research. Over 50% of all Plant Sciences master's students in Wageningen come from abroad.   


The Plant Sciences are linked to a sector that is very important to the international economy. They are a field of biology that focuses on all aspects of crop production, ranging from plant breeding and the development of propagation methods to the production of food, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, high quality products and raw materials. The Plant Sciences programme has been designed to help meet the worldwide demand for scientific expertise in the development of plant and crop production and farming systems. It not only covers the technological aspects of crop production, but also deals with important environmental, quality, health and socio-economic aspects. Interdisciplinarity is a hallmark of the programme.

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