BSc & MSc Courses of the Laboratory of Phytopathology

The Laboratory of Phytopathology is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information on the courses provided by the Laboratory of Phytopathology.

Course Overview for Wageningen University Students
Course Code Course name
ABG-30306 Genomics
BIF-20306 Introduction to Bioinformatics
CBI-10306 Cell Biology
ENT-30306 Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
ENT-51306 Frontiers in Medical and Veterinary Biology
EZO-20306 Biology of Invertebrates and Lower Plants
GEN-20306 Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology
HPC-30806 Product Quality and Post-Harvest Physiology
HMI-50306 Microbial Disease Mechanisms
NEM-20806 Basics of Infectious Diseases
PHP-30306 Plant-Microbe Interactions
PHP-30806 Molecular Aspects of Bio-interactions
PHP-50306 The Magic of Mushroom and Mould Biology
YPS-21806 Fundamentals of Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology and Entomology
YPS-22306 Plant Quality and Integrated Pest Management
Internship Phytopathology
Course Code Course Name
PHP-70424 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70427 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70430 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70433 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70436 MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-70439 MSc Internship Phytopathology
Thesis Phytopathology
Course Code Course Name
PHP-80424 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80427 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80430 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80433 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80436 MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80439 MSc Thesis Phytopathology