Contact Wageningen University & Research

Contact Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research is a partnership between Wageningen University and Wageningen Research Foundation consisting of 10 specialised research institutes. Many of our web pages list the contact persons for the related topics.

General contact information
Wageningen University & Research Corporate headquarters
Tel. +31 (0) 317 480100
Droevendaalsesteeg 4, 6708 PB Wageningen
PB 9101, 6700 HB Wageningen

Secondary school students, prospective students, and parents

Do you have any questions about the open day, Prospective Student’s Day, or general study information? If so, please contact our Study Programme Information and Publicity department. For any questions about registration, admission, tuition fees, and accommodation, please contact the Student Service Centre (SSC). Students tend to ask their parents for advice. Read here about how you as a parent can support your child in their choice of study and during their first year of university. Are you looking for a topic or experiment for your PWS (secondary school final paper)? If so, click here. Would you be interested in getting your PhD in Wageningen? If so, please visit the English-language PhD page. Are you looking for work placement? Our work placements page has everything that you need to know. Our rankings page explains which rankings are the most important and how our university scored.

Current students

The current students page contains all the information that you will need if you are a student at the university. There is information on registration, graduation, study handbooks, study results, schedules, cancelling enrolment, and a wide range of other kinds of practical matters.

Businesses, government bodies and researchers

We always look forward to getting in touch with businesses and governmental bodies that want to collaborate with us. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities for collaboration? You can find the right contact person for you in this overview of our experts. Already know which expert you are looking for? You can look them up in We@WUR. Would you like to know more about Wageningen Campus, such as the facilities, locations, and events held here? Would you be interested in getting your PhD in Wageningen? If so, please visit the English-language PhD page. Do you have a work placement assignment for one of our students? You can find everything you need to know on the work placements page. Are you looking for publications? Please visit our library.


Our press information officers are the first point of contact for journalists. You can contact our press information officers, follow us on social media, request press releases, or find the right person on the press information page.


At Wageningen University & Research, we spend every day working to improve the quality of life. View our vacancies, sign up for job alerts or read more about our application procedure on the working with us page.


Would you be interested in getting your PhD in Wageningen? If so, please visit the English-language PhD page.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Have you heard something in the news and want to learn more? Search for the topic in one of our dossiers. You could also take a look at our FAQ. If you want to learn more about Wageningen University & Research as an organisation, please visit our about us page. Would you like to participate in our research? That can be done through one of our citizen science (Dutch) projects. For questions about the campus, you can visit the Wageningen Campus website.


Please contact the alumni department. Get in touch with fellow students via WUR Connect or the KLV alumni network.


Everything about donation options and our university funds can be found here. You can also contact University Fund Wageningen directly.

Pre-university lectures

For training and lesson activities, visit our information page for pre-university lecturers (Dutch). There is a wide range of training programmes and lesson activities that we are eager to develop and improve together with you.


Everything that you need to know as a Wageningen University & Research supplier.