Commemorate a special moment on Wageningen Campus

Would you like to give a special moment or achievement, connected to Wageningen University & Research, a permanent place on Wageningen Campus? Wageningen University & Research is now offering relations the opportunity to place an engraved stone in the tiled path between the Atlas and Orion buildings. This path, which is used daily by current and new generations of students, staff and teachers, will form a mosaic of memorable moments that together describe the history of Wageningen University & Research. These moments may be a lustrum, a prize or award, an honorary doctorate, graduating with honours, etc.

The stone

The memory you want to capture should be recognisable for a broader audience and be connected to the activities of Wageningen University & Research. This connection will be assessed by Corporate Communications and Marketing upon your application. You are responsible for ordering the stone, having it engraved and delivered to Wageningen Campus. You can apply for a placement via the application form. Please include the text you plan to engrave. This inscription must be in English or Dutch, so that the information is understandable for the public walking on the path. Offensive texts or images and advertising are prohibited.
The stone should fit in the 40 x 40 cm grid in which the path is designed. Possible formats are 39,5 x 39,5 cm, 39,5 x 79,5 cm, 79,5 x 119,5 cm, etc. Minimum thickness for small formats is 3 cm, for larger formats starting at 80 x 120 cm minimum thickness is 6 cm. Stones may not contain any protruding elements and should meet the minimum requirements for sustainability, natural stone is preferred. In consultation with Facility Services the stone can be placed at a time that is convenient for you. After placement, Facility Services will ensure that the stone is cemented.


The applicant is responsible for the costs of the stone and engraving The placement fee is €100, which includes a contribution to a charity associated with Wageningen University, the Anne van den Ban Fund.
A reception can be organised to celebrate the placement of your stone. Catering of this event must be provided by one of the catering companies established on Wageningen Campus. If you need help in organising the reception please contact

Application form

Submit your application by filling out the application form.