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I want to say that I enjoyed the certificate trajectory immensely. Different topics have led to different insights, conversations, thoughts and opinions. I have learned what reflecting is. I can therefore speak about this trajectory with nothing but praise and I recommend it to everyone. The world is a lot bigger than you think, and discovering it can already start in Wageningen.

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Studium Generale Wageningen
Forum (building 102), room 108
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
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Wageningen University & Research
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Wiebe Aans
Adri Bolt
Angela Lewis
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The Studium Generale programme is monitored and approved by the Studium Generale Committee. Its members are:

  • Prof. dr. CN (Cor) van der Weele
  • Prof. dr. M (Martien) Groenen
  • Prof. dr. ir. R (Rudy) Rabbinge
  • Prof. dr. M (Marcel) Zwietering
  • Prof. dr. M.M. (Martha) Bakker
  • Prof. dr. ir. E.H. (Erwin) Bulte
  • ir. C.F. (Erik) Heijmans
  • Kamalita Pertiwi, PhD student
  • Emiek Heemstra, student
  • Tim Persoon, student

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Activities organised by Studium Generale are held in Impulse (building 115, Stippeneng 2), unless indicated otherwise.