Guidelines BSc and MSc theses - Bioprocess Engineering

1. Orientation

As preparation, obtain a preliminary impression on the general research themes (research themes page) and research projects (projects page) at the Bioprocess Engineering department. Do this at least 4 months in advance.

2. Subject choice, planning, and contract

Contact the contact person of the research theme or the research project(s) that interest you. Once you have made your choice, agree with your supervisor(s) on duration (i.e. credit points), scope of the thesis and the starting date. Fill out the appropriate BSc or MSc thesis agreement (together with your supervisor(s)) and obtain a copy of the BSc or MSc thesis evaluation form (see download menu on the right). Sent a copy of the signed thesis contract to your study advisor for approval.

3. Dates, key, etcetera

On one of the first days of your thesis project, visit the BPE secretary to:

  • be added in the mailinglist
  • pick dates for research presentations talk (see item 5 below)
  • hand in the filled-out thesis entry form and submit digital photo to be placed on the picture board
  • arrange access to the building
  • request a network working space
  • get a locker key

4. Safety & environment

Before you may enter the laboratory you need to receive instructions with respect to safety and environment.   

» Contact Sebastian Haemers

» Contact Wendy Evers

Lecture. Attending the departmental Safety lecture at its first occurrence is compulsory (dates will be posted).

5. Thesisring (obligatory)

We are working with thesis rings for our BSc and MSc students. A thesis ring is a method of intervision in a group of 8-10 students. The student coach each other in writing of the work assignment and the thesis report under supervision of a tutor.

6. Work assignment

Set up a written outline of your research plan and discuss it in the thesis ring. After it has been discussed in the thesis ring you discuss it with your supervisor. See download menu on the right for a Format of the Work Assignment.

7. Evaluation talk

Approximately half-way the project, the progress is evaluated by you and the supervisor(s). All aspects of the thesis project (project plan, supervision, performance) are considered. The progress evaluation is also a good moment to provide feedback to your supervisors, for example to discuss any shortcomings in your supervision and agree on improvement. In case of a “fail”, you will have to look for another project and start again.

8. Introductory presentation and colloquium

Theses starts with a 10-min Introductory presentation (after 3 weeks max) and ends with a 20-min Colloquium. The 10 and 20-min time spans exclude discussion time. All BPE students are obliged to attend these presentations.

Scheduling of these presentations can be done online using a number of simple instructions

Presentations above are not open to the general public; attendance is by invitation only and according to the confidentiality rules of Wageningen University.

9. Termination of thesis work

When you finish your practical thesis work:

  • put equipment and chemicals back in place or discard as prescribed
  • notify lab head of your departure
  • clear working area and clean-up for next user
  • delete your user files on network drives
  • hand in locker key at secretariat

10. Thesis report

Writing the thesis is part of the research project: you should reserve enough time for this activity. Three weeks before the final date, at least the outline and contents should be ready. A draft version (digital word version) should be handed in to the supervisor, who will make suggestions/comments for the final version. The final report pdf file should be handed in at least one week prior to the examination of the report.

11. Grade

Once you have handed in the final version of the thesis as pdf file to the secretary  and completed all the required activities, a grade will be assigned during your final examination. The grade is then reported to the student administration by the secretary of BPE.