Structuring (MicroNed, DeMiR, NanoNextNl)

Within the structuring theme, we work on formation of various products and in general, we aim at elucidation of the formation mechanism behind e.g. emulsion, particle, capsule, or foam formation. Various techniques are considered and a number of theses have been completed on e.g. shear-based formation of single emulsions (Sandra van der Graaf, Maartje Steegmans), spontaneous emulsification techniques including the newly discovered EDGE technology (Koen van Dijke), pre-mix emulsification of single emulsions (Eduard van der Zwan), and production of hollow capsules as ultra sound contrast agents (Hassan Sawalha). Besides, Francisco Rossier started from emulsion droplets and built capsules by layer-by-layer adsorption; all completed projects can be found in the respective section.

Current projects

  • The design of spontaneous emulsification techniques is part of the projects of Abid Maan and Sami Sahin, and amongst others, they use EDGE technology to produce food grade emulsions. Abid has received a special grant from the Higher Education Committee of Pakistan to do his PhD with us, the project of Sami is carried out within the NanoNextNl program.
  • Within the project of Akmal Nazir, who also obtained a grant from the Higher Education Committee of Pakistan, we investigate pre-mix emulsification with a system consisting of small particles instead of a membrane / microstructure (as described in Eduard van der Zwan’s thesis).
  • Production of colloidosomes and capsules is still carried out by post-doc Francisco Rossier, and he works on the production of food-grade capsules with triggered release using microfluidic devices.
  • Foam formation and emulsification is investigated within the DeMiR and NanoNextNl projects, which also partly focuses on surface modification (together with the organic chemistry group of Wageningen University; Nazir Tahir). Within this project, Francisco Rossier uses microtechnological devices for spontaneous bubble and droplet formation.
  • Kashif Khan has also received a special research grant from the Higher Education Committee from Pakistan, and his research focuses on formation of droplets for electrostatic coating of foods. The project is co-supervised by Maarten Schutyser).