Surface modification

A connecting theme between the separation and structuring themes is surface modification, since both techniques can be seriously hindered by changes in surface properties. In this field, we have a long-standing collaboration with the organic chemistry group of Wageningen University headed by Professor Han Zuilhof, which started with a post doc project by Ahmed Arafat. Next, Michel Rosso completed his PhD thesis on covalent modification of Si-based surfaces within a project sponsored by MicroNed and VLAG.

Current projects

  • Within DeMiR, Nazir Tahir works on surface modification to prevent protein adsorption on Si-based surfaces, in order to prevent undesired wettability changes during emulsification and foam formation.
  • Enzymatic membrane modification is investigated by Norhan Nady, who won a sandwich PhD grant from Wageningen University. Her work is carried out in close collaboration with her home university, the Advanced Technology and New Materials Research Institute, in Alexandria, Egypt, and with the Organic Chemistry group (Maurice Franssen is co-supervising the project).