Exploring new principles for the production of food is our daily business. Our goal is to make the production more sustainable, but also to make food more tasty and healthier. We give several courses about different aspects in food production. In the study handbook you can find more information on the courses.

Our group offers the following courses.  View this in the study handbook.

FPE-10808 Food Production Chains
FPE-20806 Mathematical Concepts for Food Technology
FPE-20306 Food Process Engineering
FPE-21306 Food Production and Preservation
FPE-30306 Food Structuring
FPE-30806 Sustainable Food and Bioprocessing
FPE-31306 Transfer Processes
FPE-31806 Sustainability in Food Chains

Furthermore we contribute to the courses

BPE-20806 Process Engineering
FCH-22308 Food Properties and Function
FCH-21806 Food Related Allergies and Intolerances
FCH-31306 Food Enzymology
FCH-11806 Basics in Food Technology
FHM-21806 Food Fermentation
FPH-10306 Food Technology 1
FQD-24306 Case studies Product Quality
FQD-31306 Predicting Food Quality
FQD-60312 Process and Product Design
YFS-30303 European Masters Special Topics
YFS-60303 Team Project European Masters