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Organisation Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research is an independent research institute and the national reference laboratory that, operating in the field of veterinary science, contributes to protecting the health of animals and humans in the Netherlands.

Prominent activities

  • research for government and commercial companies
  • advise on developing effective policies with regard to control animal diseases
  • closely following international developments
  • initiator of new research programmes.

Areas of work

The areas in which Wageningen Bioveterinary Research works cover the entire range of diseases (caused by viruses, bacteria, prions and parasites) found among agricultural livestock, fish and shellfish and wild animals. The Institute also studies pathogenic organisms in animals that form a threat to humans (zoonoses).

Important topics of research and advice 

  • diagnostics of animal diseases
  • development and validation of diagnostic techniques
  • development and testing of vaccines
  • effective programmes to monitor, safeguard against and control of animal diseases;
  • zoonoses
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • vector borne diseases
  • gut health

Most important qualities

  • large group of internationally respected experts
  • extensive expertisein safeguarding against and control of endemic and epidemic animal diseases
  • research ranging from relatively simple to very complex multidisciplinary topics
  • fundamental research to (pre-)clinical and pre-competitive studies
  • development and evaluation of surveillance and monitoring programmes
  • high quality laboratory facilities and facilities for experiments
  • epidemiology, infection biology, pathology and the development of vaccines and diagnostics
  • the latest developments in methods, techniques and insights
  • guarantee of the quality
  • attention to knowledge transfer
  • well structured and experienced crisis organisation to control outbreaks of infectious animal diseases

Organisation chart

Organisation chart