Gezonde veehouderij

Crisis organisation

Wageningen Bioveterinary Research is integral part of the crisis organisation when outbreaks of animal diseases occur in the Netherlands. The institute plays both an executing and an advisory role.

In case of suspicion of certain animal diseases, WBVR operates on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis for diagnostic testing. As soon as an outbreak of a notifiable contagious disease is confirmed, we operate at contingency level. WBVR plays both an executive as advisory role towards the Dutch authorities.

WBVR has extensive experience with scaling up of test capacities during outbreaks. We are capable of carrying out large quantities of diagnostic tests by taking advantage of large capacity robotic testing equipment.

Notifiable contagious diseases in recent years:

2020 SARS-CoV-2 (mink)
2020 Bird flu (HPAI)
2017 Equine infectious anaemia (EIA)
2017-2018 Bird flu (HPAI)
2016-2017 Bird flu (HPAI)
2015-2016 Bird flu (HPAI)
2011-2012 Schmallenbergvirus
2009-2010 Q fever
2007 Bluetongue (BT)
2006 Bird flu (HPAI), classical swine fever (CSF), bluetongue (BT)
2003 Bird flu (HPAI)
2001 Foot and mouth disease (FMD)
2001 Anthrax
2001-2003 Mad cow disease (BSE)
1997-1998 Classical swine fever (CSF)
1994 Swine vesicular disease (SVD)
1992 Classical swine fever (CSF), swine vesicular disease (SVD)
1990 Classical swine fever (CSF)