The Food Quality and Design Group is responsible for teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can perform an internship or thesis at our department.

Visit the Study Handbook website for more detailed information on every course listed below.

Our group offers BSc and MSc courses in the following areas:

Product Design

  • Food Quality from a Business and Consumer Perspective
  • Quality Systems Operations (FQD-20804)
  • Research Topics on Food and Society, a Gamma-Beta Approach (FQD-23306)     
  • Predicting Food Quality (FQD-31306)
  • Product Properties and Consumer Wishes (FQD-31806)
  • Food Flavour Design (FQD-37806)
  • Product and Process Design (FQD-60312)
  • Case Studies Product Quality (FQD-24306)

Dairy Science and Technology

Food Quality Management

  • Food Quality Management (FQD-20306)
  • Food Quality Analysis and Judgement (FQD-22306)
  • Usability research in product design (FQD-33806)
  • Food Quality Management research principles I (FQD-64306)
  • Food Quality Management research principles II (FQD-64806)
  • Food Fraud Mitigation (FQD-36306)

Food Packaging

Meat Technology

The Food Quality and Design Group also participates in the following courses.

ENT-21306 Insect as food and Feed
MCB-33306 Integrated Sensory Science
FCH-22308 Food Properties and Function
FCH-31806 Adv Biochemical Analysis of Foods
FHM-21806 Food Fermentation
FHM-30806 Advanced Fermentation Science
FHM-61312 Food Safety Management
FPE-10808 Food Production Chains
FPH-10306 Food Technology I
MST-23806 Intro to management and Life science
ORL-31806 Food logistic management
SCH-32806 Consumer and technology
SCH-23306 Health and environment in B├Ęta-Gamma perspective
YAS-32806 Quality of Animal Products
YSS-22306 Introduction to life Sciences and Management