Internship - Environmental Technology

Here you can find more information on performing an internship at the sub-department of Environmental Technology.


The objectives of an internship of Environmental Technology could be to:

  • Be able to apply knowledge and skills learned at university
  • Get acquainted to the professional practice of the environmental technologist
  • Deepen your view on your motivation for your professional future

Duration and location of internships

The internships of Environmental Technology vary in duration between 16 and 26 weeks (24 and 39 Ects). You may find the corresponding internship numbers in your study guide.

Internships may be carried out in the Netherlands or abroad and could be fulfilled at consultancies, water boards, industries, scientific institutes, NGOs, etc.

Timely start of preparation

We advise to start with the preparations of the internship 6 months in advance for an internship in the Netherlands, 12 months for an internship abroad.

How to find an internship provider?

You may arrange an internship provider yourself or ask help from the internship coordinator. The internship coordinator has a list of addresses in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides, institutes/firms may have contacted the Sub-department with an offer for a specific internship assignment. It is important to determine in advance the goals you want to achieve with the internship (See the objectives of an internship above), the type of internship (labwork, design, project management in water, energy or soil at an industrial company, a consultancy, an non-for-profit organisation) and the place (Netherlands, Europe, etc). An internship provider should meet certain requirements. If you arrange an internship yourself, you have to consult the co-ordinator for approval of the internship provider.

Contacting an internship provider

Most students arrange the internship by themselves finding providers via the internet or otherwise. The coordinator may assist you, e.g. in drafting a letter. Mention in your letter to the potential provider your education, your specialisation, the desired period of the internship, your housing wishes and what you expect from your internship (the learning goals). Ask also for a possible allowance that the institute/firm might offer. It may be useful to ask for information (e.g. names, e-mail addresses) about the chosen provider from the staff members of the Sub-department, especially if it concerns an internship abroad. Response from foreign providers may take time, it may be useful to send letters/ emails to at least three potential providers. If you have made your choice, you have to notify the chosen institute/firm and also the providers you dropped.

Internship contract

The arrangements you make with the provider are laid down in an internship contract between you, the provider and the examiner. The contract has to be completed before you start the internship. The contract-form can be downloaded from the WU-website. The main goal of the contract is to avoid confusion and disappointments among the three partners involved. You need 3 copies of the contract: one for the internship institute/firm, one for the internship coordinator/examiner, one for yourself. Discuss the contract before the start of the internship with the examiner, whose approval is required. After arrival at the institute/firm of internship you ask your supervisor to sign the contract and send a signed copy to the coordinator.

The internship contract can be downloaded from the ETE Internships Brightspace site (only available for WUR students and employees). Go to - discover and self-enroll at MSc Internships Environmental Technology.

Internship report, presentation and judgement

The internship report includes 20-35 pages on the results of the work at the internship provider. This report should meet the demands of a scientific or technological report. If you were involved in several small projects, but did not carry out research work, you should give a survey of each of these projects and mention their aim, societal context and details about what was achieved or not achieved during your internship time. The report should be readable for people who do not know the institute/firm or the work done at the institute/firm. Besides, a short part of the report (ca. 5 pages) should be dealing with the work areas and organisation of the internship provider.

The report is judged by the coordinator (examiner) or staff at the ETE department and by the internship provider. The mark is given by mutual arrangement. It is appreciated if the institute/firm gives a short judgment in words on your results and functioning. You may ask the internship institute/firm to do this. They mostly are willing to do so.

At the end of the internship you give a short powerpoint presentation (20 minutes) of your work to staff and students of the Environmental Technology Sub-department. You may ask the examiner to comment on the draft of your powerpoint. The judgement of the presentation is included in the final mark of the internship (5% of the weight). In case you are not returning to Wageningen before your graduation, you carry out the presentation at the internship provider and send the powerpoint to the examiner. He will request the local supervisor the send his judgement of the presentation.


If you appreciate this, you may ask your coordinator for comment on your report. Also report to the coordinator your impression about the provider. It may be useful to later students.

Offered internships

Internship positions can be found at the the ETE Internships Brightspace site (only available for WUR students and employees). Go to - discover and self-enroll at MSc Internships Environmental Technology.

Internship Coordinator and Examiner