Student Guidance

At times you may encounter problems during your studies that you can’t entirely solve on your own. Do you need help, support or advice? There are people who can help you.

Study Adviser: Students at Wageningen University can consult a study adviser to discuss their study progress and study planning. Want to get the most out of your study? And wonder how you can bring your study and extracurricular activities more in line with your goals? Together with a study adviser you can examine how you can develop your talents and skills further.

Student Dean: Students from Wageningen University can consult one of the student deans for information and advice on financing, regulations, study delays, studying with a functional disability, complaints or conflicts. They will be happy to help you find a solution. They will treat all information that you share with them in the strictest confidence

Student Life Coach:
NEW! Do you feel lonely? Are you struggling to stay motivated, or just longing for a sympathetic ear? A Heart-to-Heart conversation with an experienced student life coach may just be what you need to take a load off your mind in these challenging times.

Student Psychologist: Everyone feels a little bit out of sorts sometimes. You can notice this in various ways: from fear of failure, procrastination and problems with planning to eating disorders, stress, gloominess and even depression. Does this sound familiar to you? You are not alone. Our team of student psychologists can help you.

Confidential Adviser for students: Students at Wageningen University who experience undesirable behaviour can go to a confidential advisor. Undesirable behaviour can assume many forms such as sexual intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying and discrimination or unfair treatment.

General Practitioners: If you have medical issues you have to see a general practitioner. Wageningen University does not have their own general practioners. You are free to chose any general practitioner in Wageningen. The general practioners from the Student Medical Center Wageningen are experienced in typical student related problems.

Crisis ?!

- Contact your G.P.

- Call the crisis service (daytime 0318-691212 / 0318-433400)

- After office hours, call the G.P. station: 0318-434444

- Call 112.