Student Psychologist

The student psychologists help students with personal and/or study related mental health problems. Visiting the student psychologists is free of charge and all contact between students and student psychologists is treated confidentially.

When to turn to Student Psychologists?

Personal problems

The psychologist offers help with all kind of personal problems such as: depression related complaints, stress, negative self image, anxiety, trauma, homesickness, loneliness, mourning, substance abuse and more.

The student psychologists can offer three types of support:

  • brief consultation (by telephone, 15 minutes) if you are not sure where to turn to you can always ask for our advise or to discuss what might be a suitable path to find answers to your questions
  • intake with the psychologists (online or face to face) to be advised on what steps to take to find solutions to your problems.
    Possibly you will have one or several personal meetings with the psychologist.
  • group training on specific topics

More information to get in touch with the psychologists you will find below.

In case you are experiencing study related problems like lack of motivation, please turn to your study advisor first. Moreover, please have a look at the Student Training & Support webpages to see wether any trainings or masterclasses might be relevant for you. Depending on your question, it might be advisable to contact the student dean.

When to turn to the study advisor ?

In case you are experiencing problems like discipline or motivaton to study, fear of failure, concentration, planning, etc.

When to turn to Student Training & Support ?

Here you will find a broad range of trainings and masterclasses about study skills and well-being amongs others.

When to turn to the student dean ?

The student deans advise and assist you with questions concerning areas such as studying with a disability, study delay due to special circumstances and financial matters.

Services student psychologists

How does a brief consultation work ?

You are welcome to send an e-mail to :
- In the subject box please write “brief consultation”;
- Briefly explain why you would like to speak with a psychologist;
- Please leave your telephone number or skype-address Appointment

How to make an appointment with a student psychologist ?

To make an appointment you can send an e-mail to
- In the subject box please write “meeting psychologist”;
- Briefly explain why you would like to speak with a psychologist;
- Please leave your telephone number or skype-address

You’ll receive an invitation from the first available psychologist.

In the intake appointment (+- 60 min.) we will listen to your story and give you an advice regarding follow-up help (e.g. an internal referral for individual sessions or group participation, or an external referral for treatment). All consultations are confidential.

COVID-19 meaures

For both your and our safety, we ask you to take all the necessary precautions as advised by the RIVM. If you have a face-to-face appointment and you cannot attend it due to COVID-19 we always can swith to an online consult. For the same precautions some of our psychologists have decided to stay at and work from home. However they are still available for counselling. There are several options for consultation, for example by phone or skype. You can decide what works best for you.