Thesis projects of the Cell Biology and Immunology Group

Your thesis project is an important part of your study. In the past years you have gained knowledge in cell biology and immunology with the aid of teachers and technicians during lectures, laboratory classes, digital courses, etc. You learned to obtain information by literature searches, performe experiments, evaluate results, write reports and to do presentations. Also, you have started to develop a scientific way of reasoning. The purpose of a thesis is to further develop this ability to analyze and solve a problem in a scientific way. In addition, a thesis project perfectly serves the objective of obtaining knowledge/insight in a specific area of research.

A thesis project at the Laboratory of Cell Biology and Immunology

When you are interested  to do your BSc thesis at CBI, please contact dr. Ruth Adriaansen-Tennekes. First contact for an MSc thesis is dr. Edwin Tijhaar. After you have chosen a research project, you will start this project with your supervisor. The supervisor is usually a researcher from our laboratory. You will make a research plan, perform experiments and give some presentations to your fellow-students. The project is finalized with a report and a final presentation (a colloquium).

Within the laboratory we have focussed our research on a number of topics (see Research). By doing so we are able to have an internationally well recognized position in fish immunology, veterinary immunology and food allergy research. We have a strongly international group of (under)graduate students. This is also of benefit for our students, as their research project is well embedded and it is a good reference regarding future employment. To guarantee an optimal supervision it is not always possible to choose the subject of your interest. This can be due to the fact that other students have already chosen the subject and for optimal supervision we want to restrict the number of students per supervisor.

The main research topics of our laboratory are:

  1. Human Immunology. Group leader: prof.dr Huub Savelkoul
  2. Veterinary immunology of companion and farm animals. Group leader: dr. Edwin Tijhaar and prof. Virgil Schijns
  3. Comparative immunology and vaccine development Group leader: dr. Maria Forlenza
  4. Mucosal Immunology. Group leader: Prof. dr. Joost van Neerven

We are sure you will be able to find a subject that fits you. Many students have preceded you and enjoyed their thesis projects.