Irrigation and Water Engineering

Thesis opportunities (BIL & MIL)

Thesis at the Water Resources Management Group

The MSc thesis is at the end of the MSc study International Land and Watermanagement. The WRM group provides opportunities and supervision for the MIL B and MIL C program. Before starting a thesis trajectory you need approval from your study advisor. He/she will check if you meet the minimum study requirements to start your thesis. You can either  find and develop your own thesis topic or select an available thesis topic from the WRM group.  Do this well in advance. Thesis opportunities are available within networks, projects, and researches of the group. Below you will find a list of currently available topics.  It is also possible to find your own thesis after consultation with your WRM supervisor. For the thesis you need an WRM supervisor and a local supervisor of the host organisation. All details of the thesis will be confirmed in the Thesis Contract which needs to be signed by the student and the supervisors before the start of the thesis.

WRM thesis topics (BIL & MIL)

For the latest overview of thesis and internship opportunities, please see the BIL thesis/intership overview.

For MSc thesis and internship topics, please see

Over time opportunities will arise and vanish. If you have an original idea that you wish to discuss with one of the WRM staff: don't be shy!