SGL Internship

The MEE-D study programme includes an internship of 24 ECTS (SGL70424). This internship is a learning experience in which the relationship with the professional practice is emphasised, therefore it will be most likely outside Wageningen University.

The aim of the internship is to apply knowledge and skills in a potential future work field, in which you put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice and at the same time gains relevant work experience at an academic level. It might be at a commercial or non-commercial organisation, including industry, an NGO, a research institute (including Wageningen Research) or another university. Although it might need more preparation time, going abroad broadens your experience.

Wageningen University distinguishes between two categories of internships. In a research internship, the student works on a research project; in a professional internship, the student contributes to one or more general projects. Always, the work you do should be on academic level, while the course includes a personal development reflection report, an oral defence and other deliverables.  Before starting, an internship plan is made and agreed upon by your supervisor. Additionally, an internship  contract is signed by you, the host supervisor and the SGL internship coordinator.

You can ask the SGL internship coordinator, Jakob Wallinga, for suggestions or for feedback on your ideas.

In the SGL group there are good contacts with many institutes, organisations and universities to do an internship. Since there is a rather speedy change of topics, we refrain from mentioning them on this site. Organisations that have hosted SGL internships include the Dutch provincial governments, Grontmij, Wageningen Environmental Research, RIVM, RCE, Aequator and Witteveen&Bos.

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