A presentation or colloquium is a part of every MSc research project carried out at our group. These presentations are ideal to improve your presentation skills, and to discuss your findings, experimental set-up and conclusions with fellow students and staff.

Colloquia are organized on Thuesday afternoon, from 15.30-16.30 h. If you plan to organize a colloquium the following steps should be taken: Discuss with your supervisor the potential date. Check via Shenglai Yin ( if the colloquium room is available for the suggested moment. Make an English invitation, mentioning name, title of the presentation and an abstract and send this to Shenglai. He will forward the invitation to the staff of the research group and to other students registered with the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group. 

You could make a small A4 poster or leaflet with a picture to draw attention to your colloquium and put them on the notice boards. Normally an email-reminder is send by your supervisor to the staff of the research group just before the start of the colloquium. For any other questions, please check with your supervisor!  

REG members only: Colloquium attendance list, planning list