International Education of the Horticulture and Product Physiology group (HPP)

Information for international students

For general information about International Education at Wageningen University, please look at the pages for future students. For more information about education at HPP-WU please mail to: dr. Rob Schouten.

International Master of Science (MSc)

Every year, many international students from all over the world enrol in the program Greenhouse Horticulture which is part of the MSc programme Plant Sciences. A look at Student thesis subjects can give a good impression of theses-opportunities at HPP. For general information about costs and registration for MSc-courses at WU please see the corresponding pages of WU.


In the Erasmus/Socrates programme a number of European universities offer possibilities for students to do part of their study at another university. With grants of the EU most Erasmus/Socrates students do a major at a foreign university. At HPP-WU students can carry out a 3 - 6 month research project under supervision of a staff member. We prefer the longer stay. Subjects should be related to the research themes of Horticultural Supply Chains group. In consultation between students and the Erasmus/Socrates co√∂rdinator dr. Cor Langeveld  (E-mail:  it is possible to develop individual study-programs for a thesis at HPP, including other courses at Wageningen University. For general information about student exchange and the requirements to be accepted by Wageningen University see the corresponding pages of WU.


A PhD study at Wageningen University requires 4 years: mainly consisting of research component and a smaller education component. PhD students participating in the educational programmes of the Graduate schools of the University will receive a statement confirming this fact. A PhD study at HPP-WU should relate to the research themes of the Horticulture and Product Physiology group and can be aimed at:

  • subjects at various levels of aggregation, dealing with modelling and experimental work in relation to greenhouse crop ecophysiology;
  • product quality (water and assimilate budgets);
  • greenhouse crop management;
  • greenhouse climate control
  • light and photosynthesis
  • pre- and postharvest physiology
  • chain management and optimization  
  • subject to various crops like chrysanthemum, rose, lily, tomato, and sweet pepper.

For the duration of the PhD project one of the permanent staff members will be appointed as daily supervisor. One of the professors will provide overall supervision. For general information about procedure and requirements please see the WU PhD-programmes pages.

For contact with HPP about posible PhD-subjects under the guidance of our staff contact dr. Rob Schouten.