MSc- & BSc-thesis and Internship subjects at the Horticulture and Product Physiology group (HPP)

Examples of possible Thesis and Internship projects for student-research at the HPP group are presented in downloadable PDF-documents on this page.
When you are interested in a project at our group, but cannot find the real 'good subject' in this list, please contact us. Then we will discuss your wishes or ideas. Joined projects with other groups at Wageningen University & Research (e.g. Farm Technology group, Farm Management group, Laboratory of Entomology, Laboratory of Phytopathology, Plant Research International, etc.) may be possible, but will have to be arranged in an early stage! So contact us in time.

Latest update of available Thesis subjects:

Latest update of available Internship subjects:


You can also use this link to search for specific HPP-related items in the TIP-database, which presents BSc & MSc Thesis- and Internship-projects.


If you want to participate in a student-research proposal at HPP, please contact the coordinator of the student-research projects dr. Ep Heuvelink.