STAIR (STudents Active In Research)

STAIR (STudents Active In Research) is a (bi-)weekly meeting for MSc students working on a thesis research project at HPP.
The purpose of the meeting is to give you the opportunity to examine the research activities of other students and to develop your presentation skills.

    STAIR Rules & Procedures:

    • STIAR-meetings will be scheduled on Thursday’s starting at 12:30 in W2.Ae.075
    • All students get access (through OneDrive) to the presentation schedule.
    • After the thesis/internship contract has been signed, Pauline Wien will add you to the HPP OneDrive/OneNote group.
    • There are three types of presentations:
      Research plan (max 10 min), Progress report (max 15 min), and Colloquium (max 20 min for thesis or max 15 min for internship)
    • Please add your information to the STAIR Students list and when you have scheduled your seminars, add them to the STAIR Schedule (both documents can be found under 'Meetings' in the 'HPP-lab' OneNote book).

    Planning your presentation of research plan and progress report:

    • The research plan should be presented between 3 and 6 weeks from start
    • For a MSc-thesis of 36 ECTS or more (Major) a Progress report should be presented in month 4
      (so not required for a thesis with less ECTS, like a minor of 24 ECTS).
    • Planning is done via the OneDrive STAIR schedule
    • Book these presentations in corroboration with your supervisor (staff member)
    • It is the responsibility of the student to plan this properly. Plan this as soon as the thesis contract is signed.
      If you fail to plan this properly, it affects your final mark.

    Planning of colloquium and internship presentation: 

    • Schedule your colloquium and internship presentation once it is clear when you will finish your thesis or internship, and when your supervisor (staff member) agrees
    • Do this in corroboration with Pauline Wien, who will make sure the examiner (Leo Marcelis) can be present
    • Both your supervisor(s) and the examiner must be present
    • After your colloquium, the examination will take place.
      Ideally, this is on the same day and consist of a 30-60 min conversation with your supervisors and the examiner
    • The final version of your thesis or internship report must be handed in one week in advance of the presentation date.

    Attendance and participation:

    • On Monday, you receive summaries or reports of the talks of the STAIR meeting of that week.
      You are expected to read these notes so you can fully participate in the meeting.
      Your active participation along with the quality of your own presentations, contributes to the final mark for your thesis program.
    • When you do a major thesis you are obliged to attend at least 11 STAIR meetings, while for a minor thesis at least 7 STAIR meetings.
    • After presentation of a research plan or progress report, there are two rounds of evaluations: a technical evaluation and a content evaluation.
      The technical evaluation deals with the communication skills, judging the PowerPoint presentation, the presenter, and the time keeping. The content evaluation deals with how well the research itself was set up and how it could be improved.
      A colloquium or internship presentation is followed only by a discussion about the content.

    MSc-thesis students:

    • Must give three STAIR presentations: Research plan, Progress report, and Colloquium:

      Research plan. Prepare a 10-minute presentation to describe your plan and send a max. 1-page summary by email to the PS-HPP-allUsers and PS-HPP-Student list latest on Monday before your STAIR presentation.

      Progress report (36 ECTS or more only). Prepare a 15-minute presentation to present your progress of your work so far and your future plans. Send a max. 1-page summary by email to the PS-HPP-allUsers and PS-HPP-Student list latest on Monday before your STAIR presentation.

      Colloquium. Prepare a 20-minute presentation (no overtime allowed!) in which you present your thesis work.
      Send an abstract (200 words, half A4) to the PS-HPP-all and PS-HPP-Student lists no later than three days before the date of your final colloquium.

    MSc-internship students

    • Should give one STAIR presentation of 15 minutes (no overtime allowed!) at the end of the internship.
      Send a one page summary (include which company/institute hosted the internship) by email to PS-HPP-allUsers and PS-HPP-Student list and this must be uploaded to OneDrive latest on Monday before your STAIR presentation.