Thesis and internship guidelines of the Public Administration and Policy Group

Below you can down download the guidelines and forms for internships and theses at the Public Administration and Policy group.

Doing a MSc thesis at PAP

The thesis is the crown on your Master's degree program. For the course guide, assessment form and rubric of the MSc thesis, please consult this page. At this site, you can also find the MSc thesis Protocol for Social Sciences.

For specific information about doing a Master Thesis at our group, please read the MSc Thesis Course Guide and/or contact Dr Robbert Biesbroek.
Part A of the guide gives you information about MSc theses at WU and part B contains the WCSG chair group specific regulations (ENP/PAP).

New MSc students can sign up by sending this form to

Important information

Master students of MID, MDR and MIL can apply for international travel funding for PAP thesis research or internships (this applies under certain circumstances). Click here for more information. 

Doing a BSc thesis at PAP

The aim of the BSc thesis is, in general, to be able to apply and synthesise knowledge acquired during their education to a demarcated topic. In general a BSc thesis usually consists of formulating a reserach question, systematically apply research methods, conduct a review of literature on a specific topic and/or applying an existing framework to a case study and writing-up the findings in an accessible and concise report. The student is expected to work individually (but is of course supervised) and should be able to present and defend the results his/her findings.

Doing an internship at PAP

The aim of the internship, in general, is to work in and for an organisation where you can use and develop your analytical tools and skills and to experience challenges and everyday practices of researchers, consultants and civil servants.
Below you can find the course guide for MSc internships at Wageningen University and the PAP guidelines for MSc internships. The first one provides you with general information on learning outcomes, internship contract, assessment of the internship and the rubric for every MSc internship at Wageningen University. The second offers more specific guidelines for an internship via PAP.

  • Course guide MSc Internship at Wageningen University
  • Internship Guidelines at the PAP Group

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