Frequently asked questions about working at wur

FAQ about working at WUR

On this page, you can find frequently asked questions about applying for a job at WUR.
If you have a question about a specific vacancy, you can contact the person mentioned in the vacancy description.

Couldn't find a suitable job in our current job offers? Please subscribe for a job alert. With a job alert you can keep track of our latest vacant positions.

The vacancy is no longer online. Can I still apply?

If the vacancy is no longer online, the application date for this vacancy has passed. Unfortunately, applying for this job is no longer possible. Check our vacancy overview and see if there are other jobs for you. We are always looking for talented colleagues.

Can I get daily updates of new vacancies?

Follow us on twitter for updates of our vacancies. Every new vacancy will appear in our twitter timeline. This way you will be the first to know when there is a new vacancy.

Can I get an update of new vacancies by mail?

Couldn't find a suitable job in our current job offers? Please subscribe for a job alert. You will automatically receive an email when a new vacancy comes online that meets the preferences you have set.

Does WUR support my personal development?

Working at Wageningen University & Research means being stimulated to meet and extend your boundaries and to further develop yourself within your function and within the organisation. WUR supports your personal development by offering you the opportunity to participate in various educational and training programmes. 

Exampes of our study programmes:

What are the employment conditions?

When it comes to employment conditions, you are at the right place at Wageningen University & Research. As an employee, you will be given the opportunity to make individual choices for employment conditions that will match your specific needs in a certain life or career phase.

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Can I work at WUR with a functional impairment?

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) builds an inclusive organisation on all fronts: and this includes employees with an functional impairment. If people with an functional impairment are deployed in a suitable function and fully participate in the labour process, this benefits everyone, not just the employee, but also the team. Working on inclusion benefits every team.

This approach concerns sustainable deployment. WUR currently employs staff members with an impairment in a wide range of positions. For example, WUR has teaching assistants, research assistants, researchers, secretaries, IT-managers, team managers and communications officers. The opportunities are endless. Every talent counts. Fair opportunities for all.

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Is your question not listed?

Is your question not listed or do you encounter problems while applying, please send an email to