Wageningen Livestock Research

Whom do we work for?

Its broad range of expertise makes Wageningen Livestock Research a preferred knowledge and business partner for a great many clients. Government entities, businesses, and social organisations benefit from our insight and advice when it comes to making strategic choices based on fundamental knowledge.

Advise and assistance

We advise and assist national and international government bodies, commodity boards, provinces, municipalities, district water boards, knowledge institutes, and research institutes as well as the national and international business community in relation to their operational processes and other complex issues.

As a result of intensive cooperation between the theoretical sciences and actual day-to-day practice as well as the integration of all disciplines within our organisation, we can provide our clients with optimum support in dealing with their questions and research issues.

Leading international player

Wageningen Livestock Research is a leading international player in the area of scientific research on livestock farming systems and nutrition, genetics, animal welfare and the environmental impact of domestic animals. In addition, we also lead the market in terms of working together with clients and other players in the sector to integrate and translate scientific knowledge from various disciplines into livestock farming concepts for future generations.

Wageningen Livestock Research develops pioneering and innovative solutions and supports their implementation for the benefit of a sustainable and economically profitable livestock sector in the future.

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